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Main business

  1. 01 | Make a decision on deliberation of basic policies for disabled sports in Seoul
  2. 02 | Supervise member organizations and trains sports associations for the disabled
  3. 03 | Support sports for all activation by holding sports for all class or competition for the disabled
  4. 04 | Disabled sports exchange with other city, do or country
  5. 05 | Hold local disabled sports competition or participate in the business hosted, organized or approved by Korea paralympics committee
  6. 06 | Train national paralympics team or participate in the game
  7. 07 | Perform research on disabled sports and foster local disabled sports
  8. 08 | Foster sports for the disabled students or special school
  9. 09 | Foster disabled athletes or instructors
  10. 10 | Install disabled sports facilities and manage
  11. 11 | Promote disabled sports and collect relevant materials, make publications
  12. 12 | Performs businesses that meet objectives of organization

National winter disabled sports competition

It participates in national winter disabled sports competition every year as number of the disabled participating in winter sports is growing.
It is to find talented athletes and instructors and foster them for winter disabled sports competition while actively coping with rapidly changing international winter disabled sports.

National disabled sports competition

Touching drama created by athletes who are making great advances toward hopeful future by overcoming disabilities!
National disabled sports competition is to improve competency of disabled athletes and find talented new athletes through sports activities. Furthermore, it is to create social environment that can be enjoyed by both general and disabled people and to promote understanding of people on the disabled.

Holding national competition and supporting participation

It promotes balanced development between entries by supporting national competitions considering entries or types.
In addition, its objective is to foster professional athletes and activate member organizations through improving competency, finding talented athletes and expanding base by providing opportunities to participate in national disabled sports competition.

National sports competition for the deaf

It promotes social unification through sports, improves health and find talented athletes as well as instructors Seoul sports Association for the Differently-abled supports strategies to achieve high ranks in the competition and establishes systematic plans by supporting sports organizations by type.

Award for excellence for disabled sports

It gives various awards to excellent athletes, instructors as well as people who contribute to development of disabled sports in Seoul.

Seoul international wheelchair marathon competition

It is an international athletics competition recognized by international paralympics committee and it is the biggest national disabled athletics competition that internationally well-known athletes are articipating.
The competition hosts games that general and disabled people are harmonized.

International sports exchange business

It promotes disabled sports exchange through mutual agreement with countries or cities.
It strengthens diplomacy by continuously inviting people from international organization or visiting international organization. It can support to hold Seoul international competition when necessary.

Seoul sports for all competition for the disabled

This competition is between administrative districts for the harmony of general and disabled people centered on the disabled living in Seoul.
It is to release stress, improve emotional culture and health right of the disabled by expanding base, promoting health and supporting healthy leisure life of sports for all.
Also, it is to promote understanding of people on the disabled and to provide the opportunity of community culture that can be shared by all.

Mayor cup Sports for all competition

It promotes married disabled people to participate in sports for all by hosting or participating in the competitions and supporting harmonious development between entries.

Sports for all amateur competition

The competition is for amateurs to promote harmonious development between disabilities or entries while strengthening competency and decreasing budget by securing allotments by each organization.

Sports for all visiting service business

It teaches disabled sports to grow athletes of sports for all or professional athletics by allocating professional instructors in 25 districts. It performs visiting instruction for disadvantaged people (low incomer, the old or females)

Operating sports for all classes

It encourages to expand base of disabled sports by establishing basic environment that can be enjoyed by all people by operating elementary class, new experience class, sports for all by entry, sports class for the disabled who are working, sports for all class for female disabled, sports for all class by disability or seasonal sports class.

National sports competition for disabled students

It collects participating players and selects representatives through Seoul metropolitan office of education.
It tries to improve competency and health condition of disabled students through sports activities and provides the opportunity to find promising players.

Putting arms around each other’s shoulder experience class business

It promotes appropriate understanding on the disabled, activates inclusive sports and encourages teenagers to perform voluntary service by providing opportunities for them to experience sports for the disabled.